“that which includes and contains all things”

An ancient Sanskrit word with no equivalent in English. A philosophy built on the connectedness of all living things, to seek harmony with wisdom and compassionate devotion. A universal, inclusive worldview, built on non-violence, reality and dynamism. Refined and tested over 10,000 years; primitive in origin, yet innovative and contemporary in application.

There is a Dharmic perspective and a Dharmic solution for every issue. Help us find it.

About Our Company

In a nutshell, we are bringing together a group of philosophies which are at the heart of all peaceful and harmonious endeavours, philosophies which promote contentment, prosperity, wisdom and non-violence. These core ideas have been the bedrock of all prosperous and enlightened communities, cultures and civilisations. A group of scholars from differing nationalities and birth traditions, from across religious and non-religious traditions feel that there is a need to contemporise these ideas and reintroduce them with paradigm-shifting projects.

We have come together to create new frameworks for communicating these ideas and to create platforms and content to present these philosophies and ideas to a global audience in need of wisdom and tranquillity. Too much harm has already been done by humanity becoming disconnected internally and externally, yet with global communication being so powerful, this harm can be reversed with speed and effectiveness. Join us in taking our planet, our communities and our activities beyond division, beyond religion and beyond ignorance.

  • Satish K Sharma

Meet some of our contributing scholars

Immense personal practice, real life experience, decades of study and reflection

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Applying the same societal templates restricts you to the same outcomes. Ready to try global templates?

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We are a dedicated team, passionate about making a more harmonious world a reality.

"I am dedicated to making a world where people can explore ideas with each other, fearlessly, where everyone is free to adopt new ideas as they learn and to drop old ideas which they outgrow, and to do so in an environment where every person’s path is sacred."
- Pt Satish K Sharma

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Pt S K Sharma FRSA
Project Director

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Dānam (Donation)

It’s worth understanding that dānam is not charity.

In charity, there is a subsurface power and ego dynamic, a perspective which is totally absent in dānam.

When the lungs send oxygen to the heart, it is dānam, not charity. The lungs, by design, are capable of gathering prāna/oxygen and the heart is not. When the heart passes blood to the organs, its dānam, not charity. Dharma teaches that every part and every person fulfils a purpose and some gather resources whilst others gather knowledge. When a person, who is skilful in collecting and generating wealth, pass some of their assets to wise people, they fulfil their real purpose: contributing to humanity moving forward. 

To engage in dānam and help us to re-build a harmonious world, we have a number of support schemes available which give you access to projects, events and sādanā.

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Firstly it's not religion! Its the distilled essence of over 5000 years of peaceful civilisation. It's wisdom, it's experimentation, it's seeking, it's learning, its non-violence, its fearlessness and it's REAL.

Sri Aurobindo was asked the same question and he said :-

" What you call Hinduism.....gave itself no name, because it set itself no sectarian limits; it claimed no universal adhesion, asserted no sole infallible dogma, set up no single narrow path or gate of salvation; it was less a creed or cult than a continuously enlarging tradition of the Godward endeavour of the human spirit. An immense many-sided and many staged provision for a spiritual self-building and self-finding, it had some right to speak of itself by the only name it knew, the eternal path to harmony, Santana Dharma...."